Deciding on an auto repair shop

How to find the right Repair Shop

No matter what you drive: whether it is a luxury car, sports car, family sedan, pick‐up, mini‐van or SUV, when you go in for repairs or service, you shouldn’t have to worry about the job being done right. Don’t just drop your vehicle off at the nearest collision repair facility and hope for the best.

That’s not choosing the best auto repair shop, that’s nothing more than gambling. Trust you first impressions with an organization that’s been helping the community for over 74 years!

You can trust the family and team over at Cockrell’s Body Shop!

Picture yourself on a first date. Imagine that you are a woman and are picked up for a date by a man whose hair is dirty, his shirt is torn, and his car looks like New Orleans after Katrina. You’ve got an absolute slob on your hands. He had better be very entertaining or wealthy, because that first impression is permanently implanted in your brain. You probably won’t have a good date, because that image will haunt you all night long. If you like the person enough to contemplate a long‐term relationship, this aspect of their personality will certainly be something you will want to consider. Well, hopefully you and your repair shop will also be able to establish a long‐term relationship—and even though YOU don’t have to bunk with him, your car will.

So don’t leave your car, a huge investment, in the hands of a an unprofessional. We understand that we are one of the best auto repair shops on the Gulf Coast however sometimes it does get dirty, and yes, many of the employees have to get dirty to do their jobs. You won’t allow you or your children to eat in a dirty restaurant, or take your kids to a school riddled with graffiti. Why take your car to a filthy dirty shop? Let’s face it, cleanliness plays a major role in our lives, and your auto garage should not be an exception. Don’t think that because the shop is a little dirtier or not as fancy as some of the other shops that you will get a better price. Cleanliness is usually a sign of conscientiousness. If a repair shop cares enough about its image, wouldn’t you think that would carry on to each facet of their business? We know of a few shops in the Southern Gulf Coast area that are very dirty looking inside and out and they charge a higher hourly rate than most other shops. Lam interesting story was told about a consumer whom told said that the reason she visited a competitor was because they “looked cheaper.” She soon found out that looks can be deceiving, and she felt over‐charged for service that she had requested. Customers who don’t know what to look for may perceive this shop to be a “good ole boy” repair shop where the mechanics spend all their time working on cars and not on cleanliness. You are probably saying to yourself “I just want my car fixed, why should I care about their house keeping habits”…you should! I have heard this is true in certain ethnic restaurants, that the ones with the best food have the dirtiest kitchens. Where’s the logic there? So do you believe the service from these shops will be less expensive than the clean and fancy shop with a shinny lobby? Probably not! When you walk into Cockrell’s Body Shop for repairs on your automobile, you wont have to worry about any of these things because rest assured that the auto repair job will be completed right. If you have already heard it “at Cockrell’s Body Shop We Love Your Automobile!”

Come see us today for a no cost appraisal on your damaged vehicle.

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