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Auto Repair Process

Dealing with the Damage: The Auto Repair Process

Here is a brief representation of the repair processes:


IMG_0872Step 1:  In the Estimate Process area the vehicle is inspected and relevant data is entered into estimate computer systems. This data is compiled into an estimate that determines the cost of repairs. However, often there is hidden damage that can not be seen until after the vehicle is disassembled.


IMG_02632. Step 2: Once the estimate is completed, the insurance company will review the estimate. There may be some negotiations on the price and procedures required to repair the vehicle. The insurance company will determine if the vehicle is even repairable. Once this process is completed, the vehicle begins the actual repair process.


IMG_0869Step 3:  In Disassembly hidden damage is often found, and inner structure repairs are determined. Many times this will require scheduling insurance re-inspection and ordering additional parts.


IMG_0881 Step 4:  The required parts for your vehicle are ordered, and availability is checked. If a part needs to be special ordered, the order will be placed as soon as possible. Although many parts may arrive very quickly, the repair process can not begin until the shop receives all of the structural parts.


IMG_0845Step 5:  In the Structure Repair area, the unitized body is returned back to the factory specification. A sophisticated measuring system is used to monitor all phases in this area. A computer based
measurement system is used to analyze the frame of your vehicle. This system assures an accurate repair.
IMG_0831Step 6:  The Body Repair Department replaces exterior panels, and all metal finishing that may be required. The vehicle begins to come back to life as sheet metal is installed and aligned. From here the vehicle will go to the paint preparations department.


IMG_0823Step 7: Paint Preparation is a critical step in the refinishing process of every vehicle. All panels are prepared for paint, then primed and sealed to assure good adhesion when the final top color and clear coats of paint are applied.



IMG_0862Step 8: Final moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle in the reassembly area. All the vehicle’s systems are checked during this process. The vehicle is almost complete and ready for delivery when it is in this stage.


cHEVY MALIBU LT AFTERStep 9: During the repair process the vehicle accumulates dust from the repairs. It will be cleaned. It will also be road tested to ensure that everything is working properly. A final inspection will assure that the vehicle is restored to it’s pre-accident condition.


IMG_0959Step 10: Delivery is the last step in the repair process. When you arrive back at Cockrell’s Body Shop to pick up your repaired vehicle he bill is explained and the final paper work is completed. Once this is completed you may then drive away in your repaired CAR, TRUCK, or SUV with confidence knowing hat has been restored to excellent condition.










Dealing with the Damage: The Auto Repair Process

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident knows that it is a stressful event. And the added pressure of getting your car fixed certainly doesn’t make things any easier. Fortunately, knowing how the auto repair process works can make things go more smoothly for you. Cockrell’s Body Shop is here to help you every step of the way.


First things first–contact your insurance company

If you are in an accident and are going to file a claim for damages, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Typically, you’ll need to fill out a claim form (usually done over the phone). To support your claim, you may need to supply the insurance company with certain information pertaining to the accident, such as a proof-of-loss form and a copy of the police report. You may also need to complete an operator’s report, which will be sent to the appropriate registry of motor vehicles and the local police. Procedures for filing a claim vary, depending on the insurance company. Call your insurance agent or check your policy for specific instructions on what to do immediately after an accident.

Keep in mind that when you file a claim for damages, the payment made by your insurance company is subject to a deductible, which is the amount you’ll need to pay upfront (usually $250 or $500) before your insurance will kick in. This deductible applies to physical damage only; there’s no deductible for personal liability claims. And remember to keep copies of your claim, along with any supporting paperwork–you may need it again at some point in the future.


The settlement process

Soon after you file your claim, it will be assigned to a claims adjuster, who will begin the settlement process by investigating your claim and making a recommendation to the insurance company. The claims adjuster will contact you to make an appointment to assess the damage to your car. Many companies use drive-in appraisal centers.

The length of the settlement process varies, depending on the cooperation of the parties involved and the complexity of your claim. Your insurance company will contact you once it has made a decision regarding the payment of your claim. If you feel the amount offered by your insurance company is too low, don’t feel like you have to accept it. Do some research–if you feel you deserve a higher payment, try to reach a more equitable settlement.

Repairing your car

When your car is damaged in an accident, you have the option of going to a repair shop of your choice or one assigned to you by your insurance company, known as a direct repair shop. It’s important to note that sometimes repair shops will use aftermarket parts (parts manufactured by third-party operators rather than by the maker of your car) to repair your car. Even if your insurance company employs the use of aftermarket parts, you may have the right to insist on original equipment manufacturer parts–check the laws of your state. However, some insurance companies will not pay you for the total cost of your repairs if you insist on parts manufactured by the original maker. Check with your agent or company representative to find out what types of parts are provided for in your policy.

Cockrell’s Body Shop handles DRP work for all major automobile insurance companies.




















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Give it up for our employee of the month!

Congratulations to Brandi! Our employee of the month!

Thank you Brandi for being such a dedicated and hard working employee of Cockrell’s Body Shop on the Eastern Shore in Daphne, Alabama. You are truly valued to the owner Tim Cockrell, all of the employees at Cockrell’s and especially to our clients.

Cockrell’s Body Shop in Daphne AL would not be what it is today if it wasn’t for dedicated hard working employees such as yourself.

Thanks again Brandi for being a member of the Cockrell’s Body Shop Family for 17 years now!

“17 years. Now that’s true dedication! We love you Brandi and once again, thanks for all that you do for the entire Cockrell’s Body Shop organization.


What to do after automobile accident

You have just been in an AutoAccident. Now What?BEEN IN WRECKHere are the correct steps as well as some best practices regarding “What the next steps are” after an automobile accident in Daphne, Fairhope, Mobile or the surrounding Gulf Coast Area. In the moments after an accident, you may feel a mix of confusion, fear and even anger. Your next thought may be about whether everyone is okay and how much the repairs to your vehicle are going to set you back with the auto body repair shop. It is important that you take the right steps after an accident to preserve your legal rights and the future compensation for your injuries and the damages to your vehicle. Here are a few things you need to do after you’ve been in an accident in Daphne.

Check for Injuries your health and safety are the most important things to consider after you’ve been in an accident. The damages to your vehicle can be repaired; however the injuries to you (and/or) other passengers could potentially be life-threatening.

Check yourself over for injuries, and then ask everyone in your vehicle and as well as any other cars that were involved in the auto accident if they are injured. It is imperative that you remember that numerous cases of physical issues can occur 24 to 48 hours after accident has happened.

Exchange Information While you are waiting for the authorities to arrive, you should exchange information with the other driver. Get the person’s name, address, telephone number, vehicle information and insurance information. Make sure you also collect the personal information for any witnesses to the accident. Once this has been completed you’ll then have the opportunity to contact witnesses after the incident if they didn’t remain at the scene.

File a Report as soon as you possible can. The best time to file a police report is directly after an accident has occurred on site however it is NEVER TO LATE to CONTACT the Authorities to report the accident. Processing an insurance claim is significantly easier to work to your favor if you get a police report. It is important to explain exactly what happened in as much detail as possible. This information will be used for the official report, which will also be used to determine fault and compensation from the insurance companies.

Be calm and clear when dealing with the police. You don’t want to make an emotional situation tenser than it is. Take Photos the police or an insurance adjuster will likely take photos of the scene of the accident, but it is important that you do so, as well. You may document the damage from another angle, or you may have an extra set of photos in case anything happens to the official snaps. You’ll also have photos for yourself to keep your own record of the crash. Contact the Insurance Company The insurance company will likely reach out to you within a few days of the accident, but it won’t hurt to make the first move. The sooner you call; the sooner things can get put into motion so you can get reimbursed for damages — even if the accident was your fault. If you are at fault, you will be filing a claim with your own insurance company. If the other driver is at fault, you may work with their insurance company directly, or your insurance company may act as an intermediary to get you reimbursed. In either scenario, you will likely have to talk with both insurance companies to provide your version of events.

Get the Damage Repaired In many cases the insurance company may give you specific instructions where to go to get your vehicle estimated and repaired. In all cases, you have the right to choose your own repair center, and the insurance company will send out an in-house adjuster to appraise the damage or send an assignment to the repair facility so they can write and photo the damage and upload to the insurance for repair authorization. You’ll then likely get a check for the estimated damages, or the insurance company will work directly with the auto body repair shop to pay for the repairs.

Such as Cockrell’s Body Shop because we have Certified Technicians to ensure that you have your vehicle repaired at a facility that is trained and certified to work on your specific type of vehicle. In today’s market most shops will tell you that they work on all types of vehicles, but training, certification and repetition is imperative to repair the vehicle properly and guarantee that the new technology components of today are repaired, calibrated and adjusted properly to avoid future damage or even loss of Manufacturer warranties.

Once you have worked out the initial details after your auto accident, Cockrell’s Auto Collision & Body Shop is here to assist you with regards to getting your vehicle back into TOP CONDITION!   Cockrell’s Body Shop will work directly with you, parts manufactures, insurance companies (and/or) the other driver and their insurance company to confirm that the automobile repairs get approved and the bill gets paid. In the event that you’ve been in a Car Accident contact the professionals here at Cockrell’s Body Shop in Daphne, Alabama at (251) 621-8600. Allow us to get you and your automobile back on the road!

Discounts on rental cars during repairs

At Cockrell’s Body Shop we have certified and trained auto repair specialist Ready to replace your Damaged Car, Truck, SUV or VAN. Whether it’s a luxury sedan or your hunting truck our team at Cockrell’s in Daphne, Alabama can get you and your vehicle fixed right the first time. Come see us at our Daphne location or give us a call for your free quote today. Whether it’s a grocery cart dent or a major collision accident Cockrell’s Body Shop can handle the repair, work directly with your automobile insurance and even provide you with discounted rates on rental cars while your repair work is being completed!

Because at Cockrell’s Body Shop We love your automobile!


Deciding on an auto repair shop

How to find the right Repair Shop

No matter what you drive: whether it is a luxury car, sports car, family sedan, pick‐up, mini‐van or SUV, when you go in for repairs or service, you shouldn’t have to worry about the job being done right. Don’t just drop your vehicle off at the nearest collision repair facility and hope for the best.

That’s not choosing the best auto repair shop, that’s nothing more than gambling. Trust you first impressions with an organization that’s been helping the community for over 74 years!

You can trust the family and team over at Cockrell’s Body Shop!

Picture yourself on a first date. Imagine that you are a woman and are picked up for a date by a man whose hair is dirty, his shirt is torn, and his car looks like New Orleans after Katrina. You’ve got an absolute slob on your hands. He had better be very entertaining or wealthy, because that first impression is permanently implanted in your brain. You probably won’t have a good date, because that image will haunt you all night long. If you like the person enough to contemplate a long‐term relationship, this aspect of their personality will certainly be something you will want to consider. Well, hopefully you and your repair shop will also be able to establish a long‐term relationship—and even though YOU don’t have to bunk with him, your car will.

So don’t leave your car, a huge investment, in the hands of a an unprofessional. We understand that we are one of the best auto repair shops on the Gulf Coast however sometimes it does get dirty, and yes, many of the employees have to get dirty to do their jobs. You won’t allow you or your children to eat in a dirty restaurant, or take your kids to a school riddled with graffiti. Why take your car to a filthy dirty shop? Let’s face it, cleanliness plays a major role in our lives, and your auto garage should not be an exception. Don’t think that because the shop is a little dirtier or not as fancy as some of the other shops that you will get a better price. Cleanliness is usually a sign of conscientiousness. If a repair shop cares enough about its image, wouldn’t you think that would carry on to each facet of their business? We know of a few shops in the Southern Gulf Coast area that are very dirty looking inside and out and they charge a higher hourly rate than most other shops. Lam interesting story was told about a consumer whom told said that the reason she visited a competitor was because they “looked cheaper.” She soon found out that looks can be deceiving, and she felt over‐charged for service that she had requested. Customers who don’t know what to look for may perceive this shop to be a “good ole boy” repair shop where the mechanics spend all their time working on cars and not on cleanliness. You are probably saying to yourself “I just want my car fixed, why should I care about their house keeping habits”…you should! I have heard this is true in certain ethnic restaurants, that the ones with the best food have the dirtiest kitchens. Where’s the logic there? So do you believe the service from these shops will be less expensive than the clean and fancy shop with a shinny lobby? Probably not! When you walk into Cockrell’s Body Shop for repairs on your automobile, you wont have to worry about any of these things because rest assured that the auto repair job will be completed right. If you have already heard it “at Cockrell’s Body Shop We Love Your Automobile!”

Come see us today for a no cost appraisal on your damaged vehicle.

Get what you give


Karma, put simply, means “what goes around comes around.” If you give out good energy, it will come back full circle, and the same goes for negative energy. Many people live life on autopilot, not aware that their thoughts influence their realities. Much of the unrest we see in the world today is a direct result of people’s thoughts. All of the wars, bickering, complaining, and general unhappiness begins with a thought carried out with action.

To counter all this negative energy, we can collectively create better karma so that good things and people start to appear in our lives, which raises the vibrational energy of the whole planet. Creating good karma is as simple as trying your best to be a good person. If this still seems vague, try to remember the following tips for directing positive karma into your life.

Here are 6 Ways to Create Good Karma

Tell the Truth

Anytime you tell a lie, even if it’s a small one, you set yourself up for deceit and hidden agendas from other people. Also, others won’t trust you as much once they find out you have been lying. The old saying “honesty is the best policy” still holds true today – telling the truth allows people into your life who also tell the truth. Not only will you attract trustworthy people into your life, but you will feel better knowing that you’re living authentically without having to cover up lies with more lies. Lying becomes exhausting after a while anyway, so you could even argue that it’s better for your health to tell the truth from the get-go.

Live Purposefully

Whatever you do in life, do it fully and set clear intentions for what you want. Don’t be afraid to go after your goals, and try to help others along your journey to fulfillment as well. Put out your best effort and true self into the world, and the universe will send you experiences and people to match your energy.

Help People

Expanding upon the last point, helping others creates good karma because others will be more likely to help you should you need it. A life lived for others is never a life wasted, so use your unique talents and traits to help others along this crazy rollercoaster of life. They will appreciate your help, and you will make an ever-lasting mark on their life. Not to mention, when you help others, you also help yourself. If you have been feeling a bit empty or lost lately, just simply offer your help to someone. Everyone needs a purpose in life, and helping people should always be a part of that purpose.


When everything else fails, just go within and quiet your mind. Pay attention to the thoughts in your brain, and make sure they stay positive so you can continue to attract positivity. When your thoughts become frazzled, you’re more prone to bad karma because you haven’t cleared a space in your head and heart for the universal energy to flow through. It’s important to connect with your highest self often and clear your head so you can put your best self forward into the world and exude good energy.

Practice Compassion and Kindness

If you want compassion and kindness from others, you have to give it as well. Life works in cycles of giving and receiving, and the more you give, the more you will receive. Everyone fights tough battles on a daily basis, so remember to show kindness to them and empathize with their struggles. Try to help as many people as you can by spreading kindness – the world can never have enough kindness.

Remember the Big Picture

While life may seem like a series of uncontrollable, atrocious events on the surface, remember to look beyond the illusions and remind yourself what you’re really here for. We all came here to heal past karma and become the best versions of ourselves, so keep this in mind each day when you wake up. Will your thoughts and actions today represent someone who wants good or bad things to happen? You can invite positive events and people into your life by remembering that you came from a place of pure love, and embodying that energy once again.

This world could use a lot more good energy, and it all begins with you. You can reflect this energy onto others, and therefore change the world. Stop feeling so small when you have the whole universe inside of you!

Fender bender

If you get into a fender bender take comfort in knowing that Cockrell’s Paint and Body Shop has been fixing the Gulf Coast now for over 74 years with highly trained professionals, state of the art equipment, an experienced staff at 11 different locations so you know you are getting the best! From the wreck to the finished product call Cockrell’s Paint and Body Shop!

There is a location near you! “Because at Cockrell’s Body Shop We Love Your Automobile!”






Consumer Legal Rights

Did you know?

There are no current legal indications, requirements or laws stating that you can only get one collision estimate on your vehicle. You are allowed by law to receive multiple collision repair estimates. Cockrell’s Body Shop will offer you a Free Repair Estimate on Your Car. Our professional adjusters are available Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Saturday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm noon and closed on Sunday.

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