From Fender-Benders to Large Auto Accidents
We Have the Latest Machines

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Welding is a fundamental task in an auto body shop.
Touch Electronic Measuring System adds precision to a body shop.
It diagnoses suspension, cosmetic or structural body and frame damage in any vehicle.
Auto body repair is part Mechanics, part Craftsmanship, and part Art.
Precise point welding machine, a fundamental component of an Auto Body Shop.
Craftsmanship and attention to detail defines a superior body shop.
Point welding is critical to restore a vehicle's to its pre-accident condition.
Frame straightening done well achieves incredible results.
From sophisticated to simple tools, they are all part of repairing a vehicle's body.
Straightening a vehicle's frame involves large forces.

Auto Body Repair
We believe that Auto Body Repair is an Art form!
From a fender bender to a large accident, we have 30 years of experience and the latest body shop equipments and tools.

We not only believe that auto body repair is an art form, but that the artist -technician needs proper up-to-date equipment and training - We provide both!

From measuring the vehicle's body to straightening the frame to precision welding, we do it all at a state-of-the-art level.

30 years of experience also means that "we have seen and done it all".

These experience, skills and equipment plus our work ethic are what back our work, results and why we have the confidence to offer a lifetime warranty on our body shop work.